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Lost Caves

A platforming adventure through a vast, underground cavern, shrouded in mystery... · By ADScomics


Recent updates

Lost Caves Ver. 1.0.1 Patch Update is Now Live! (2/6/2021)
-Nerfed Doom Statues (by a lot). -Since you don't get much time to react when a Doom Statue awakens and begins to chase you, I now have it shake violently and g...
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The Journey of Lost Caves, and Learning from my Past Failures as an Indie Dev
In May 2016, I released my first significant title, Galastar, onto iOS devices. It honestly feels like an eternity ago. Galastar is a small arcade-style shoot...
Lost Caves: Now LIVE!
Lost Caves is now live on for only 1 dollar for the first week! It'll go up to $4 on February 5th, so make sure to grab your copy before then!...
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Lost Caves Devlog #25 - Days from Release
Lost Caves is only a few short days away from release! While some time has been spent on minor bug-fixing, a lot of time has been spent on getting Lost Caves re...
Lost Caves Devlog #24 - At the Cusp of Gold
So, this log is a bit late. I apologize for that. I’m still hard at work with Lost Caves and have spent time adding remaining features and such. I guess becau...
Lost Caves Devlog #23 - Trailer Drop
Last week, I finally dropped Lost Caves' trailer! I made one over a year ago, but that trailer was a lot more slow paced and didn't show nearly as much of the g...
Lost Caves Devlog #22 - Too Easy?
So, ever since I got feedback from the developers, I’ve been working on making the game much less frustrating and more accessible. One of the big things I wor...
Lost Cave Devlog #21 - A Lot of Nerfing
So, like I said last week, the general consensus on Lost Caves from the beta testers was that, while the exploration and treasure collection were a strength, th...

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