Lost Caves Devlog #25 - Days from Release

Lost Caves is only a few short days away from release! While some time has been spent on minor bug-fixing, a lot of time has been spent on getting Lost Caves ready for release! Right now, Lost Caves is planning to launch on itch.io and GameJolt on the 18th. A Steam release is also going to be released on the 29th. Releasing on Steam is a bit of a process, and there needs to be a window of time between me signing up for Steamworks and having it available for purchase. I probably should have set this up a while ago, but it is what it is. The game is still releasing in December like I planned back in June. A Mac App Store release is also planned to be released, but likely not in December. Setting everything up for that is proving to be a bit confusing. I’m no stranger to Apple development though, and know well enough that it can be rather annoying to publish to.

I’ve been spending a good deal of time talking to press as well, especially people on YouTube. Unfortunately I’ve gotten virtually no luck. I was in a low spot last week, and felt that I was never gonna be able to get this game off the ground. One of my professors told me that it only takes one publication to cover it for others to follow suit, and that gave me the strength and confidence to continue on. Things got netter too, because Thomas Brush, owner of Atmos Games and developer of Pinstripe and Neversong, recently contacted me about a job. I worked for him a couple of years ago with a friend from college to port Pinstripe to iOS. We almost got everything done, but my internship ended before it could be finished. He contacted me of course to finish the job. I was a bit weary on it at first, especially since I’m working full-time right now, and am working on getting Lost Caves ready for release, but he offered me a pretty sweet deal. I got a promo code to get his online course, Full-time Gamedev for free, a big chunk of cash, and also help from him with marketing Lost Caves. He even shared my trailer on YouTube, which gave it a massive bump in views, increasing it ten-fold! Him helping me market my game will be super helpful.

I’ve also spent time creating the Steam page for Lost Caves, and published it today! It’s honestly a bit surreal seeing a project of mine on there. I made sure to share links to its page and encouraged people to wishlist it. One of my professors who gave Lost Caves a lot of support back when I was in college added it to his wishlist! Admittedly, I am a bit nervous about his thoughts when he plays the game. It’s changed a lot since he’s last played it. Anyways, the steam page is below if you want to check it out (and maybe wishlist it too!) 


Anyways, right now, I’m juggling three things at once now. Those are my job, Lost Caves, and work for Thomas Brush. In terms of Lost Caves though, I’m feeling as good as ever! I may not have any responses from press yet, but I still have plenty of people to contact, and some people have reached out to me! Not press, but people offering services for the game, such as music and translation. Hopefully this game will get traction on release! Anyways, mark your calendars for the 18th! (Or 29th if you’re buying the Steam version!)

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