Lost Caves Devlog #23 - Trailer Drop

Last week, I finally dropped Lost Caves' trailer! I made one over a year ago, but that trailer was a lot more slow paced and didn't show nearly as much of the game as I wanted, plus its was rather outdated. Take a look at the new one below!

The game's general release window is also shown at the end! Currently it's scheduled to be released in December! Now that the trailer is done, I am able to start contacting press and distributors about the game. The trailer was the one thing holding me back since I would need to show people something so they had a general idea of what my game is about. For the past week, I've been contacting press, including YouTubers, to see if any of them would be interested in covering my game. Unfortunately I haven't much response. I did hear back from a blogger, but she charges around $175-250 for an article, which is totally fair, but I just didn't really want to spend that much at the moment. I may get back in touch with her though once the game gets more attention.

Anyways, in terms of development, nothing significant has been added. A lot of my time has been spent on balancing and bug-fixing in anticipation of the game's release. I've gotten more feedback from beta testers regarding the game's difficulty and have made changes accordingly. Just that and a few more tweaks here and there and the game will be ready to ship!

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