Lost Caves Ver. 1.0.1 Patch Update is Now Live! (2/6/2021)

-Nerfed Doom Statues (by a lot).
-Since you don't get much time to react when a Doom Statue awakens and begins to chase you, I now have it shake violently and growl before then chasing you.
-They also do 2 units of damage instead of 3. I don't know what I was thinking by having them do the same amount of damage as a Death Guillotine.
-After noticing that players will try to attack the Doom Statue, I now have it so that you can knock them back a little bit by hitting them with your pickaxe. It does no damage to them, but it'll give you some breathing room.
-Also, if you're next to the Statue's initial resting spot while it's offscreen, it will no longer teleport back and chase you.

-Tab key now opens Treasure Inventory
-Originally, the backtick/tilde key opens and close the treasure inventory. That was a poor decision on my part, since international keyboards may not have that key, so the icon for it in the inventory screen may not make sense to the user. The Tab key should be more recognizable. You can still use the backpack key though for now.

-Made it easier to escape lower pyramid doom statue if cornered
-In the lower section of the pyramid in level 3 where you have to lure the doom statue onto the pressure switch, if you for some reason get the statue to chase you back through the hallway you lured it from, you now have more space to escape the statue than before.

-Blue Boulders should now be better at hitting the boss.
-If you're particularly unlucky, when blasting a blue boulder at the Wayward Queen, sometimes the boulder would harmlessly bounce off and not stun her. I don't think it's 100% fixed, but it should happen less likely now.

-Backgrounds are now less shaky.
-After receiving feedback regarding the background being very shaky, especially when the camera slows down, I made a fix that reduces most of it.

-Fixed Level 2 super-spring.
-Some people, when using the spring at the very bottom of the pit in Level 2, don't go all the way to the top because they hug the right or left wall, which slows them down, even though the spring fixes you in place. I updated the spring to make it more difficult to get misaligned so you reach the top every time.

-Fixed falling through lava.
-If you were hit by an enemy and immediately knocked into lava, you would fall through it unharmed and end up out-of-bounds. This was due to Michael still having invincibility frames while falling through the lava. This has now been fixed.

-Music fixes.
-When reloading back at a checkpoint or going back through the boss door in the pyramid, the ruins music will not play, and instead the normal level music will. This has now been fixed.
-Music should now be playing in the title screen. If it is not playing for you, feel free to let me know.

-You can now jump on Killbugs.
-Originally, if you decided to hop onto the back of a billbug, you would be unable to jump. Now you can.

-Fixed a soft-lock in the game.
-There's a killbug spawn point in level 3 outside the pyramid, and if you hang around there when a new killbug spawns in, you'll be pushed up and be stuck between the killbug and the wall/ceiling, soft-locking yourself. I added some more space around the killbug spawn point to fix this.

-Checkpoint altars in dark areas will emit some visible light.
-Since the inscriptions and torches light up on checkpoint altars when activated, they should also light up dark areas. Checkpoints altars will now do that (and they look pretty cool).

-Added some extra health vases in the creyer eyeball puzzle in level 3.
-In case you get sliced a few times by the death guillotine, or if the killbug blows up in your face, there are now a couple of health vases that have been added to the creyer eyeball puzzle in the upper portion of level 3.

-All big switch doors will now make sounds when opening.
-The only one that did was the first switch door you opened to enter further into the pyramid in level 3. All of them now make a sound.

-Added a spring in the pyramid back entrance.
-A spring has been added at the bottom of the hole you go down before the switch door in the back of the pyramid. It appears after opening the switch door, and lets you get back up in case you fall down by accident.


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Feb 07, 2021
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Feb 07, 2021

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